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Mapa Golf Park

Houses in a prestigious location
by the golf course

A unique investment just 3 km away from the market square in Wejherowo. This location offers tranquility, peace, and comfort, while also providing quick and efficient communication links.

Protection and security

The residential area is fully fenced and monitored. Additionally, with mobile, four-level security available 24/7, residents can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle without worrying about their safety.

Proximity to nature

The investment is nestled amidst the greenery of fields and forests, situated adjacent to the exclusive Sierra Golf Resort. It serves as an excellent starting point for family walks in the woods.

Activity and sports

The Golf Park provides safe entertainment for the whole family year-round. In addition to golf, residents will find rollerblading and biking trails, as well as numerous hiking routes surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Buying a house, you receive:

The option to care for your own garden.

The option to clean the pool.

Playground in the estate

Entry to the estate – license plate scanning or individual codes

Fiber-optic internet connection provided

Automatic heating system control systems

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New Field

Sales office on the investment premises: Al. Golfistów 1, Pętkowice 84-200 Wejherowo

The presented offer is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.
The material includes visualizations of the investment, which may slightly differ from the completed buildings.
pertains to the paid commission by the client for the establishment of a lawn in the garden based on a separate agreement